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Italian theme at Mauro & Maxine's wedding

Last summer was the wedding of Mauro & Maxine. They celebrated this special day at Dengh in Utrecht, and the wedding had an Italian theme. This was reflected everywhere; Mauro's suit, lemons, limoncello, Italian dishes, delicious wines, and an ice cream cake from the family's Italian ice cream parlor. It was the warmest day of the year, so it felt like we were really in Italy, haha. Enjoy the photos of this wonderful day!


Photography: Janneke Tol Photography

Styling: Brisked

Location: Dengh

Dress: Dani van Tol

Muah: Shoshanna


Janneke Tol Photography.jpg
Janneke Tol Photography.jpg
Janneke Tol Photography.jpg

You're going to celebrate love! How wonderful! I'll gladly capture your wedding in a playful, colorful, and spontaneous way. Not just the perfect shots, but especially the real moments in between. A hug, a fit of laughter with your friends, or a wink. 


I'll capture all the emotions for you in photos. At your wedding, I'm more than just a photographer. With my relaxed and cheerful energy and over 10 years of experience as a wedding photographer, I ensure you feel comfortable and can fully enjoy your day! I love spontaneity, garden parties, forest weddings, and everything that's unique and just a bit different!


I live in Arnhem, but I work as a wedding photographer throughout the Netherlands and, of course, abroad as well.

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